Jax company forms partnership to bring AI into business automation

(Courtesy of JaxBizJournals.com)

NLP Logix, a local leader in artificial intelligence, is partnering with Wisconsin-based Data Dimensions to bring AI into business process automation.

The companies believe AI can automate manual, repetitive tasks in the insurance and financial industries.

“AI will allow us to bring another level of automation that isn’t there today,” Jon Boumstein, president and CEO of Data Dimensions, told the Business Journal.

NLP and Data Dimensions partnered on a pilot product that Data Dimensions used on its own operations, Boumstein said. After the successful pilot, the two saw an opportunity to take the product to market.

The two see opportunities to produce other products in partnership, especially products that can streamline extensive overhead and labor as well as products that can connect siloed datasets. Boumstein believes there are other untapped potentials for AI that the companies haven’t recognized yet.

“I think that when we engage our customer base, we’ll discover there are other things we can bring to the table that even we’re not thinking of,” he said.

Data Dimensions is a leader in business process automation with services designed to increase business efficiency, accuracy and value while bringing down administrative costs. Boumstein said that while many business automation companies are talking about the potential for AI in the industry, few are offering tangible products in market.

“We are embarking on new territory,” he said. “I think it can be game-changing.”

NLP’s AI services have been used in a variety of industries. Most recently, the company partnered with Mayo Clinic to deploy AI on brain scans.

“With Data Dimensions’ world-class subject matter experts on process flow, and large amounts of training data to apply algorithms to train the computers combined with our technology, we are confident that this partnership has all of the necessary elements to successfully deliver artificial intelligence solutions to clients across many industries,” Robert Marsh, NLP co-founder and chief technology officer, said in a released statement.


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