This Jacksonville company is primed to become an industry standard

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Forcura, a software provider for home health and hospice companies, is making significant strides towards becoming its industry’s standard communications platform. The company launched its latest tool, Forcura Connect, on Jan. 15 to allow various medical entities to transfer patients’ information.

Forcura Connect acts as a hub for home health and hospice organizations, physicians, electronic health records and other technology providers to securely send and receive information in any format they wish.

“When we founded Forcura in 2012, my vision had been to become the standard platform for home health and hospice,” founder and CEO Craig Mandeville told the Business Journal. “Our platform as a hub of connectivity will really align us with that vision.”


The platform’s key advantage is interoperability. There is no industry standard format for sharing documents or other sensitive information, Mandeville explained, so Forcura’s platform works with any format.

“We’ve developed an easy way to plug into our system,” said Mandeville. “It’s easy for top-tier tech companies in our space to connect with this.”

Mandeville expects – and has prepared for – many large enterprises to use the new platform. Earlier this month, Forcura announced its partnership with BlackTree Healthcare Consulting to make implementation even easier for Forcura clients.

“We are in discussions with a lot of the top players to bring them on,” he said. “I couldn’t be more ecstatic about where we are and where we’re going.”

Forcura Connect builds on a successful 2017 for the Jacksonville-based company. Last year, the company ranked 7th among the city’s fastest-growing companies and implemented its software across 417 Amedisys Inc. (Nasdaq: AMED) offices nationwide.

Given its recent growth and appetite for more, the company is expanding its local footprint this year, according to Mandeville.

“We’re getting close to signing a lease that will allow the company to rapidly expand,” he said.

Mandeville has big plans for the new facility, including a café and microbrewery in the break room. The new facility will further Mandeville’s goal of making Forcura the best place to work in Jacksonville.

“Our goal is that people would want to come do tours,” he said. “That’s when we know we’ve nailed it.”

Forcura’s new lease is also a sign that the company is doubling down on Jacksonville, Mandeville noted.

“We want to help put Jacksonville on the map, allow it to become an IT and innovation hub.”

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